Best gadgets for remote work and learning

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Affected by the global coronavirus outbreak, many companies and schools have started remote work or distance learning program. Our daily routine has suddenly changed largely. To ensure efficiency, it’s vital to provide an ideal work or study environment. These useful small gadgets can help.

Phone& Tablet gear


Charger &cable set (Q5004+C to Lightning/C to C cable)

Equipped with a USB-C Power Delivery port, this charger set provides 18W full-speed charging for compatible devices. Triple output power supply more than the original Apple charger(5V/1A) makes it a perfect gadget which is capable of quickly recharging your phones, putting you back on the road to work or study.

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Wireless charging stand (T524S+T555F)

These 2 charger stands feature up to 10W output charging for the compatible devices. Built-in 2 coils offer a wide wireless charging area, which allows you charge vertically or horizontally. And at the same time, it gives an ideal support for your video meeting or online lessons or other multitasking collaboration.

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Keyboard case

The flexibility of the tablet makes it a perfect support tool to make up short falls of PC or laptop in remote work or online study. These kind of keyboard case is combined with a decent keyboard, which turns the tablets into excellent mobile platforms for course work and remote work. Additionally, the case can hold the tablets in proper angles to provide a better view experience.

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Laptop gear

Charger & cable set

This 100W charger uses progressive GaN technology which emphasizes smaller size, less power consumption and higher charging efficiency. Take this adapter for all your Type-C electronics, it’s 2.5x faster than a standard 5V/1A USB wall charger, enabling unprecedentedly fast charging across all devices. Prepare one for your laptop, keep your laptop charged and never miss one important moment during your remote work or online lessons.

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Laptops give us a lot of convenience but also come with some short comes. The most notable one is the limited ports on the body which sometimes constrains its role to serving during our remote work and online lesson. That why we need hubs that can expands a single port into several. You will be saved from all the plug-and-unplug mass when you are already so busy focusing on your remote project.

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Adapter and Enclosure

Solved the power drain and limited ports, to add external storage is on our next to-do-list. SSD adapter can be a great choice for its overall portability and utility. CHOETECH M.2 PCI-E NVMe SSD to USB Type C adapter is designed specifically for M.2 PCIE NVMe SSD, you can transform a M.2 PCIE NVMe SSD into a portable external drive. The M.2 PCIe based with USB Type-C connector supports 10Gbps max transmission speed, providing ultra-fast read and write speed for latest desktop and laptop, maximizing utilization and efficiency in mid of remote work and online class.

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Other accessories

In addition to your devices and accessories, there are some other items that could help in remote learning or remote work.

HDMI cable

For the pandemic, we’re trapped at home. But think in the other hand, it gives us so much quality time to spend with our families. Watching movies, playing group games, you definitely need a HDMI cable to ensure the best experience for you and your families. A plug-and-play cable requires no adapters or drivers at all allowing you connect your high-definition television, monitor or projector. Having this, you do not have to waste a bit of time to fiddle with complex Apps, adapters or drivers.

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Multiport charger

All family members gathered together and then “the charging jam” comes subsequently.  The multiport charger, one charging station can charge all your devices simultaneously but won’t stall the charging rate. One for all, that’s exactly what you need to solve “the charging jam”.

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Mobile device holder

There are versatile holders on the market, but the most popular one is clamp stand holder. The holder of this kind can be very flexible and practical, it can hold the devices tightly and firmly from smart phones to tablet. Moreover, it’s not constrained by the environment at all.  As long as there is an anchor, it can successfully complete its mission.

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Though everyone’s needs vary, above products we’ve curated are well-suited for home workers and students in general. We believe that we will finally win this fight and soon everything can resume to normal operations soon and back to normal life.

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